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World conqueror 4 super submarine

Hello everyone! Here I have some tips and tricks you can use with your units on the battlefield! Good luck! Infantry : An effective and cheap unit type. They are capable of surrounding the enemy with great speed and can ignore terrain induced penalties. However, be careful what infantry you use. Motorized Infantry are the best, as they are the fastest and deal the most damage to Armored Units. Though more expensive, the Commando deal extra damage against all unit types, making them especially effective against naval units.

As with other units the Infantry Units should also be upgraded in the HQ.

world conqueror 4 super submarine

Artillery : Artillery have the highest damage output in the game, albeit the lowest health and mobility. The Battalion Artillery is excellent when fighting head to head, however, if you have an Armored force moving up, get some Field Artillery they will pave a road for your armors as they can fire two spaces away.

Beware, do NOT use the Rocket Artillery for head to head attacks because while enemy units will never retaliate, the Rocket Artillery will not retaliate in defense either. Additionally, the Rocket Artillery deals collateral 3 hexes around the target and can damage your own units if not careful. Armors : Armored Cars are equipped with machine guns, and thus, excellent against infantry. Tanks have the assault skill, which enables them to fire more than once if they defeat an enemy.

The Heavy Tank has both the assault skill and machine guns. Place your Tank commanders on these unless you have access to Super Tanks. The Super Tank the most powerful unit in the game has the range of a Field Artillery, in addition to having the highest health of all land units. Putting Commanderseven a weak one, can boost your Armored forces easily. Note that Artillery will still deal heavy damage to all Armored units.

Try to attack artillery from cities, if possible, to reduce the damage taken by the unit itself.Units in World Conqueror 3 are used to combat other country's units in order to capture land, strategic resources and objectives such as cities.

Different units are trained or built at different Buildingswith the exceptions of fortresses and anti-air. All units need 1 turn to prepare when trained. The unit may also be promoted by the use of battle Experience when fightingshown by an "arrow" which stacks when increasing the level, with the exception of the maximum level being level 6 represented by a star.

The units below are the various types of units in the game currently. All unit stats are in the ArmySettings. The weakest unit of them all, Infantry are cheap, expendable and obtainable. They should therefore be primarily used as either cheap reinforcements or for para-trooping into key locations.

They are not affected by terrain and their oil consumption is minimal to none. Click on the picture to visit their own pages for more specific details on said unit. Serving as the vehicles in the game, Armored units can sustain a heavy firepower and survive for rounds.

These units have better mobility than other unit types and they will likely make up the bulk of your army. Their main drawback is that their mobility can be slowed down by rough terrains and their attack stats are also lowered on certain terrains. Each armor designs used by each country in the game are inspired by real armors produced during the Second World War and during the Cold War. Artillery units are the main damage dealers, at the expense of their low health and mobility.

It should be kept at a safe distance away from the enemy with the exception of the Battalion Artillery. Artillery units are the best troops to use against Aliens. Especially Field Artillery. Each artillery design used by each country in the game are inspired by real artilleries produced during the Second World War and during the Cold War. Naval units specialize in naval combat.

They can only be made at docks although navy units cannot regenerate health from them. Fortress allows the player to place a permanent unit on a land they own. They can only be leveled up through Technologies. They are stationary and take multiple turns to build except for the Land Mine. Cities are also fortress units, but they can't be built. Anything that does extra damage to fortress units can also do extra damage to cities.Usually cheap and widely available, Infantry Units are a good choice for cannon fodder or flanking support.

What's more, they require little to no fuel when moving. With exception of Commandos, stackable up to 4. They are trained in cities, and high level cities allow high-level infantry. Light Infantry is the cheapest and weakest sort of infantry. They may act as cannon fodder, or last-resort unit. They require city level 1 to train. Assault Infantry is the second weakest in the Infantry units. Their special ablity, Sapper, allows them to remove minefields taking only a small part of normally-caused damage.

Can be trained in level 1 cities. Motorized Infantry use trucks for vast mobility improvement. They also do more damage against armoured units with their grenades. Require level 2 cities. Mechanized Infantry are equipped with an Armored Car. They deal more damage than Motorized, and can bring down stronghold units faster, thanks to mortar use. City level must be at least 3 to be built. The most powerful, but unstackable, infantry units with decent firepower and high endurance.

Their ablities vary between countries. Mobile, tough, and well armed, armored units are powerful fighters on the battlefield, but are limited by fuel consumption and high price tag.

Excluding Super Tanks, may stack up to 3. Armored Cars are equipped with machine guns, which make them deal more damage against infantry. Produced in cities with industrial level of at least 1. Light Tanks have a chance to continue attacking after destroying an enemy unit. They need level 1 industry. Medium Tanks are similar to Light Tanks, but they are also equipped with machine guns.

Level 2 industry is needed to build. Heavy Tanks are similar to Medium Tanks, except they can fire from 2-tile distance. It also posseses light anti-air capacity. Can be built in level 3 industrial facilities. Fragile, but powerful, artillery usually can fire to the enemy without retaliation, but, if unprotected, is fast to take out, in the spite of the fact no anti-artillery Perks exist.

They require industrial facilities to be built.

World Conqueror 4 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Good damage, but slow and rather fragile units. When attacking, there is a chance the enemy won't retaliate.

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Level 1 factory is needed to construct. Howitzers have increased range and improved damage in comparison to Field Artillery, but is horribly slow and relatively fragile.

They can be built in cities with level 2 factories.

Triumph motorcycle oil

Rocket Artillery can damage multiple enemies at once, up to 3, will do main damage on target, then the two tiles behind them take a little damage.We will continue to develop and create the best war strategy game.

This game has the potential to be amazing. It reminds me of Axis and Allies but so much better. Where it fails is the intentional tipping of the scales in the enemies favor to entice you to make purchases. In short, the micro purchase model kills the game. But in this game whenever you get a town it automatically gives you the piece of land and its much smoother. Love the idea of the game but way too hard.

Why don't you have a progress recovery that can be linked to a facebook account or something. Had spent so much time in conquest and campaign and got through campaigns and now I wasted my time playing this. Really mad that I paid money for this. Please fix this and I will fix my rating. I saw minor improvements and a lot of backlash from WC3 to this game.

Campaign is harder, way harder than WC3's was. There are only 2 difficulty levels instead of 3, less medals for the normal diff. Hard diff. Can't even beat the first missions hard diff.

Can't progress far into the games campaign or conquest because of tank disasters. No longer can tanks continue attacking when you defeat an enemy, now you rely on a 50 percent chance of attacking a second time and who knows if you will be lucky for a third. I couldn't take cities anymore because of this.

Who the hell thought of this? There seems to be less generals, but some of them are giving you diff. Graphics are terrible in my opinion, liked WC3's. Music improved, more soundtracks.Mail to us:. World Conqueror 4 - Tutorial. The game consists of 'Scenario', 'Conquest' and 'Domination' three modes.

HQ Headquarters and other auxiliary functions are also included. The generals are one of the most important component of the game, different generals can bring player different combat effectiveness.

At the same time, the number of generals that a player can have will increase as the HQ level increases. Player may have at most 12 regular generals and three marshals which could only purchased by real money.

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The general quality is divided into: gold, silver, bronze three categories. More generals can be purchased when HQ level increases. After getting a famous general, player can also spend medals to train him. The empty stars represent the limit of that ability. Different generals have different skills according to their abilities.

They can learn other skills to increase their combat ability. The number of skills that be learned depends on the general quality. Some abilities and skills need to be unlocked by occupying the hidden points in the campaigns.

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There is a important difference between skill and ability. Not all the abilities can be upgraded to the highest level, but the skills can be all upgraded to level 5. Generals can be enhanced by promote them or upgrade their military rank, so that player can increase their units' HP by assigning their generals on the troops. After achieving some accomplishments, player will get random medals for the generals.

Wearing specific medals will improve the corresponding skills of that general.

Super Submarine

Player can dismiss the general when they don't need him any more. Eighty percent of the medal will be refunded. Studying different technologies can improve the combat capability of different units.

world conqueror 4 super submarine

Player need to choose what technology to upgrade carefully, because of the less resources in the early game.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. We've abandoned historical restrictions and turn limits making your task deceptively simple - take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2. You can recreate the actual politics of the era - or not. Random events like guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary recalls will ensure endless replayability and the uniqueness of each game session.

WW2: Sandbox. You choose how to bring the enemy to their knees! Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website.

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Catch the Candy: Remastered. Catch the Candy A remastered version of the well-known hit. Relive the greatest battles of World War II in this strategy masterpiece. World Conqueror 3. Exquisite military strategy turn based game. Relive flames of World War II. European War 6: European War comes! To mark th anniversary of World War I!She was the third submarine of her class, following the earlier Churchill and Courageousthat were all designed to face the Soviet threat at sea. She was built by Cammell Laird at Birkenhead.

Conqueror is [update] the only nuclear-powered submarine to have engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes, sinking the cruiser General Belgrano during the Falklands War. Conqueror was ordered on 9 August and was laid down at Cammell Laird 's Birkenhead shipyard on 5 December ; she was launched on 28 August Conqueror arrived in the exclusion zone around the Falkland Islands 21 days later and was ordered to scan the area for Argentine shipping, particularly the aircraft carrier Veinticinco de Mayo "25th of May".

On 30 April, she spotted the Argentine light cruiser General Belgrano sailing southwest of the Falklands, just outside the exclusion zone imposed by the British on all shipping.

With Veinticinco de Mayo approaching the islands from the north, the commander of the British Taskforce, Admiral 'Sandy' Woodwardfeared a pincer attackwith General Belgrano attacking from the south and Veinticinco de Mayo from the north and requested permission from the British government to sink General Belgrano.

After some debate, permission to engage General Belgrano was sent to the submarine from the Royal Navy's fleet command centre in Northwood in the United Kingdom.

World Conqueror 4 - Netherlands 1939 #1; Couldn't Stop The Our Homeland

In the intervening period, General Belgrano had retired from its attack position and turned west, since Veinticinco de Mayo was not yet ready to engage the British fleet. This would cause some controversyalthough General Belgrano ' s captain and the Argentine government acknowledged that the attack was a legitimate act of war.

On 2 May Conqueror became the first nuclear-powered submarine to fire in angerlaunching three Mark 8 torpedoes at General Belgrano[note 2] two of which struck the ship and exploded. Twenty minutes later, the ship was sinking rapidly and was abandoned by her crew. General Belgrano was unable to issue a Mayday signal because of electrical failure; this and poor visibility meant the two escorting destroyers ARA Piedra Buena and ARA Bouchard both also ex-United States Navy vessels were unaware of the sinking until some hours later.

A total of men were killed.

world conqueror 4 super submarine

Adding to the confusion, the crew of Bouchard felt an impact that was possibly the third torpedo striking at the end of its run an examination of the ship later showed an impact mark consistent with a torpedo. The two ships continued on their course westward and began dropping depth charges.

By the time the ships realised that something had happened to General Belgranoit was already dark and the weather had worsened, scattering the life rafts. Conqueror ' s war did not end there. The crew of the submarine had to face Argentine Air Force attempts to locate her in the days after the attack, which had shocked the Argentine people and ruling dictatorship.

After the war, Conqueror returned to Faslane, flying a Jolly Roger adorned with torpedoes, a customary act of Royal Navy submarines after a kill.