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Bafang batteries

When you are looking for a new electric bike there is nothing more important than the motor, right? In the left corner we have Bafanga leading manufacturer of electric motors. Bafang is a multinational company based in China with offices in both Europe and America. They have for produced electrical motors for over 10 years.

The past few years they have started to manufacture control units as well as batteries and sensors too. They now offer the whole portfolio of products to build a complete ebike. Many large Ebike producers now exclusively use Bafang products in their builds. What they are most famous for though is that they unlike most others sell their motors separately as conversion kits.

That means you can install your new motor on almost any standard bicycle to get your custom build ebike. Bosch produces almost everything in home electronics, transportation and industry equipment. The last few years Bosch began producing ebike motors with the same German quality people are used to seeing from them.

With their already established industry connections they got many large ebike brands to use their products. And I can tell you, costumers have not been disappointed. I have built two electric bikes with Bafang motors before writing this bafang review. The first was an ebike I built for commuting to and from work. The second one was when I helped a friend build an electric mountain bike.

To be totaly truthful in my bafang review it was a little bit tricky building my first bike, but after a few hours I got the motor working properly. If i had a bike-stand it would probably have been easier and a lot faster.

The second time around we bought a cheap bike-stand and it was so much easier having space to work on without breaking my back. And as you can imagine it took a lot less time. We finished the build in about 2 hours. And it also felt like you had access to a higher percentage of the available power.

Bosch & Bafang Review – The Bafang vs Bosch Showdown [2020]

These motors power is rated in nominal wattage, this means that it can put out more power for a short amount of time. This function kicks in when it feels you need that extra kick, like in a quick start or a steep hill. This is one of the strongest features in this bafang review.

The thing is that true power does not always work to your advantage which my good friend unfortunately found out. When riding on asphalt his bike performed like a beast. On the dirty and muddy mountain bike tracks however he experienced how difficult it was to maintain traction. My ebike on the other hand was working great. I felt like it hade a powerful punch when taking off and a really good responsiveness when I was riding in a busy bike lane.

bafang batteries

A rather funny thing is that when we were riding together my bike actually handled the dirt roads better than his bike. When we were riding in the streets he beat me on accelerating and speed. We should both have bought the other motor.

At a later time we fixed this by simply switching motors so we both became really happy with our ebikes. I am super satisfied with my W BBSHD and strongly recommend it to anyone who want to build a quality electric bike.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to test ride the Haibike Xduro Fullife 5. This is one of the more reasonably priced bikes from Haibike. It is not strange that Bosch motors are often called the Rolls-Royce of electric motors. But you certainly have to pay to get this kind of German quality. Riding this bike on the streets is everything you would expect from an ebike in this price range.Micah Toll.

Sondors has just revealed three new high-powered electric bicycles known as the Sondors Rockstar, Cruiser and LX. They feature stunning new frame designs, huge 1kWh batteries though the low introductory prices might actually be the biggest shocker of all.

The new Sondors Rockstar, Sondors LX, and Sondors Cruiser appear to feature the famed Bafang M mid-drive motoralso known as the Bafang Ultra, which is known to put out more than 1,W of power and a stump-pulling Nm of torque. Sondors indicates that they are running 25A controllers, which would limit the motors to around 1,W — a figure that is still quite powerful for anything with pedals….

The motor is a favorite of high-performance e-bike enthusiasts, though its sheer power and torque can be tough on bicycle components. The Bafang Ultra is known for sending countless chains and sprockets to an early grave.

battery bafang

I should know — I unfortunately destroyed a perfectly good chain with this motor in less than five minutes at Eurobike I think maybe the most shocking thing about these bikes is how well they are designed. Look at the cruiser below. With 1 kWh of capacity, Sondors claims it should be sufficient for between miles km of range on a single charge.

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The Sondors LX is something of an enigma, sporting a laid back geometry yet with a high power motor and front suspension. The Sondors LX features the same high power motor and high capacity battery as the Sondors Rockstar, but with a hardtail rear. Employing the same high power motor and high-capacity battery as the previous two members of the Sondors Elite family, the Sondors Cruiser opts for a fully rigid frame.

But for smooth streets and canyon roads, the high power of the Sondors Cruiser should be plenty of fun. These prices are pretty nuts, in a good way. For a Bafang Ultra motor and 1 kWh battery, let alone the impressive and novel frame designs, this is a great deal. On the one hand, these specs at these prices are essentially unheard of. That being said, Sondors has a history of making bold claims and then mostly sticking to them.

Between these three bikes, the Sondors Rockstar is my favorite, hands down.

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Though this was on Eco mode with just pedal assist pic. There are only two things that give me pause here: 1 we have no idea whether they are putting decent suspension or bargain basement springs on the bike, and 2 they are neutering the 1. Sondors has always made big promises, and this new announcement is no different in that regard. What is different is that Sondors is now stepping out of the value-oriented e-bike space and appears to be edging dangerously close to the premium category of e-bikes.Start out right by upgrading your ride with our ridiculously low sale prices!

It's our New Year present to our awesome ebiker customers. Here's to a full of countless wild, fun rides. Product Details. The Bafang mid-drive BBSHD W motor mounts in place of your bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crankset and front derailleur if you have one. The Bafang BBSHD kit comes with all necessary parts to convert just about any bike to an electric bike including the battery!

The BBSHD watt motor kit is a high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast, hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike kit.

Review and Testing of Bafang BBS02 with Mighty Mini 52v Battery from Luna Cycle.

Superior to hub motors, the mid drive motor kit feels just like a normal bike when pedaling since it can completely freewheel. The motor includes pedal assist sensors PASso you can choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling. Also, you can always overpower your designated PAS level with your throttle in order to achieve your desired speed and power. Technically speaking it is only for off-road and private property use.

Our W BBS02 motors meet the power needs and wants of the majority of riders. It is your responsibility as the rider to follow applicable local and federal traffic and ebike laws. Consider yourselves forewarned. Which Battery? The battery that you choose to pair with your kit depends on what kind of range and power you are looking for as well as the dimensions that you have to work with on your bike.

Please consult the different battery product pages for detailed information regarding the batteries:. Please visit our FAQ Page for information on how to measure your bike's bottom bracket. We are currently out of stock of spacers. Watch our step-by-step Installation Video here. The Bafang motor conversion kit installation is a DIY project that requires no specialty expertise — simply install the parts, plug in the connectors and zip-tie we include zip ties for free the cables!

bafang batteries

If you are not interested in performing the install yourself, simply stop by your local bike shop, and they should easily be able to install the BBS02 kit for you. All the tools that you will need for the install are typically found in most bike tool kits. The only tools that you will need for the install are: 1.

A 15mm wrench or pedal wrench to remove your bike's pedals. The appropriate bottom bracket tool to remove your specific bike's bottom bracket. A chain tool to remove your bike's chain. A standard spanner wrench to tighten the lockrings.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway.

Please enter a question. Bafang central motor with integrated controller 1pcs 2. LCD display 1set 3. Free Gift tool or light 1pc, W stickers 4pcs,Install accessories 1 set The motor can be powered by an 48V and 52V battery,the motor will be more powerful and faster with 52V battery Does the battery come with the motor kit? Sure, if you select motor kit with battery on the choice of size; if you want only the motor kit, please select no battery on the choice of size.

Does the motor kit work with hydraulic brakes? It is cut power brake level, if you want to keep your hydraulic brakes, Please tell us by email so that we can ship the brake sensor instead of the brake levers before your order is shipped out Warm notice: 1.

We offer W printing stickers for free to cover the real power on the motor because of electric vehicle law in some areas 2. The battery will be dispatched separately, and it takes a little longer than motor kit 3. The C bluetooth display only support above iPhono iOS system 9. The headlight and tool are optional as a freegift, headlight in default, if you want the tool instead or both of them,tell us by email so that we can add it in package before your order is shipped.

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bafang batteries

Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Part Wheel. Application Golf Carts Power Tools. Contact Supplier. High power RTS Reention 52v We are trying best to provide you high quality products as well as the sincere services. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information. No matter big order or small orderwe will provide all the best qualitybest service. USB port battery electric bike 48v 12ah big hailong ebike battery with 48v w bbs02b mid-drive central 8fun motor kit.

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This battery is 14S which means when at full charge it is at We are not only sell batteries, but also provide expertise to help customer design their own custom batteries. Dolphin 48V W German stock free shipping 36V water bottle battery 36V6. Hot sale 36v w bafang bbs02 electric bike dolphin battery case 36v 17ah ebike battery with charger. Free Shipping rechargeable 48v mah electric bicycle battery with silverfish case for Bafang w bbs Downtube battery Ebike 48V Silver fish 36v 10ah electric bike li ion battery W lithium ion battery 36v 10ah for bafang motor.

How long will be the delivery9 Usually delivery in days, but also will be changed according to the quantity or other things. Low MOQs. MOQ: 1 Piece.

New InTube Bafang battery adds a long-range option for eRoad, eGravel and eCross bikes

Recommended for You. Hot Selling. Electric Bicycle Alibaba best selling products ranking based on sales.Reprogramming your Bafang mid-drive system can improve the usability and performance of your ebike. The stock settings out of the factory are often not the best settings.

bafang batteries

You will find that for example, the first pedal-assist setting is way too powerful, or that the speed limits are just annoying. With the help of this guide, you can reprogram your system to better settings with my custom. You can also learn about all the settings and reprogram the system to your likings. Disclaimer: Reprogramming your Bafang system is not without risk. You can even destroy the controller in certain cases. So only customize your own settings if you understand what they mean and what the risks are.

I am not responsible for any damage that might occur. In order to start reprogramming your Bafang BBSxx mid-drive system, you will need a programming cable. If you have trouble opening the. If you have purchased the cable, installed the driver and installed the configuration tool you are ready to go. Now follow the following steps in order:. You are now ready to start using the configuration tool.

First you need to download the right configuration for your model. Download the correct file according to your Bafang motor version. If you have another Bafang version you cannot use these files. You will have to follow the rest of the post and change the settings yourself.

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You first need to back-up your default settings. If somethings goes wrong you can always return to the default settings. You do this as follows:.Search for answers and information about our products, policies and company! All Collections.

Help Resources Search for answers and information about our products, policies and company! Do we offer order pick up or will call? How long does it take to charge the battery? Charge time estimates to fully charge your battery. Do you have the product in stock?

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What parts and products we have in stock. Will the battery fit on my bike? Information regarding the size specs of our batteries and downloadable Actual Size Cutouts for each battery. Will the Bafang mid-drive motors fit on your bike? Do we ship to your location? Information about where we ship. When will my order ship? How much weight will the Bafang Mid-Drive motor kit add to my bike?

The weights of the Bafang motor kit and ebike batteries. What are the Ebrake Sensors? Information about the Ebrake Sensors. How often should I charge my battery? What is the Gear Sensor?

Information and benefits of adding a Gear Sensor to your ebike setup.

Bafang Mid-Drive Parts

Figuring out whether you will need extension cables for your particular bike setup. How to Clean your Ebike! Instructions and pointers for washing your Ebike! What payment methods do we accept? Will I be charged Sales Tax? Sales Tax Requirements and Information. What is the Return Policy? Information regarding our Return Policy. How do I find my order shipment tracking information?